Lockout Service

Are your keys locked in your house and you are unfortunately on the outside of it? Has your opening manager left for Florida and neglected to leave his key with the fill-in and now the store isn't open? Did you and Fido get ready for a trip to the park and while you ran in to get his favorite ball, he excitedly hit every button in your car, leaving you locked out?

We fix these things. 24 hours a day, rain or shine, even on Christmas.

Rekey Service

How many people have a key to your home? How many have a key to your business? Are you SURE...?  If your mental "yes" was a "no" or even hesitant, you might want to have your locks rekeyed. You keep your existing hardware, and we repin the insides so that the old keys don't work anymore, and you get a new set that does.  If your current locks are good, this is preferable to replacing them all.

Call and set up an appointment. We work around YOUR schedule.

Product Replacement

Did a doorknob on your house just fall off? Is your garage deadbolt rusted shut? Is the alarm on your store's back door going off for no reason? ...Or not at all for ANY reason?

We fix that. We offer a wide range of quality products to suit most security needs, from door closers to peep holes, and almost anything in between. Call us for a quote and help protect your investments.

das locks

We are an Authorized US Lock dealer and we provide our customers with quality US Lock products for business and home. We offer a wide variety of hardware, including (but not limited to) commercial leversets, commercial mortise and rim cylinders, push and pull plates, commercial door closers, residential handles, knobs, and levers, residential deadbolts, and a selection of keyless entry electronic locks.

In some cases, clients want specialized hardware or lock sets. Often, while we may not have those in stock, we can almost certainly order them. There are some restrictions on this, such as product availability and dealership licensing, but we have a wide range of suppliers and ordering options to help get our clients what they need.