What’s in the bag?

Being a locksmith is often more than a standard 9am to 5pm job. We are often dealing with all sorts of obstacles that we need to overcome, which require all sorts of unique knowledge, from signal flow to carpentry, and a few other hats as well. In our tool reviews we are adding reviews on some of our more commonly used tools. Be sure to check there as well for more detailed information.

We are often asked what sort of tools we carry with us, and have decided to share some of the tools we use in the wild.

Lockpicks: There are many sets and makes and models out there, and we often have many brands. One of the more common sets we have as our “go to” are by Sparrows locks Often the Dyno Quick Pick as a backup.


Screwdrivers: We might be a bit picky with what we use,
and we all seem to have settled on the same ones. The Dewalt 8V gyroscopic is the main “go to” for us. We also use the Kobalt Double Drives and PicQuic screwdrivers.

Dremel: Oh, the amazing multi use 8220 cordless Dremel. From trimming to sanding, we are often able to use this and preform a simple repair instead of having to cost the customer a lot more by having to replace hardware.

Some say the boss MIGHT have an addiction to Leatherman, he says he can quit any time…

Multitool: From MacGyver and his Swiss Army Knife to the modern Leatherman, it is amazing the advances that have been made. Most of our techs carry the Leatherman OHT, although there can often be found grand arguments between the staff of other multi tool options.

Drill: There are several good quality drills on the market today, and our techs have all settled on the Dewalt 20Volt system (Brandy still likes her Hitachi, so we let her keep it). A couple reasons for this are that on large jobs we can trade batteries if needed, and only have to carry one charger that can stay in the jeep and charge batteries while we are on site. Recently we picked up a Dewalt Flexvolt 60Volt battery, which is amazing, and lasts longer than 5 20Volt batteries.

Tool Carry: This can be an interesting subject, and another fun argument between techs. The Tough Built modular system from Menards is what Trent swears by, and Chris prefers to go with the Veto Pro Pac system of bags depending on the size of the job.

Brandy has chosen to go with her still to be named tool purse system.