Dewalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver

Dewalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver

We have tried dozens of different types of electric screwdrivers, and this is hands down the winner across the board. Our techs all have them, and often do not want to let them out of their sight.

There are a few similar versions. The DCF680N1is the best, in our opinion, allowing more control of power and ability to turn 90 degrees on the handle. A similar model is the DCF682N1, which does not have the adjustable power settings or the 90 degree handle turn, however it is still a great tool.

Getting used to the operation takes a couple minutes as there is no forward or reverse buttons, you simply turn it. The further the turn, the greater the speed. Turning it clockwise tightens the screws, counter clockwise removes the screws.

Battery life is amazing, and the lock feature saves it from accidentally turning on.

The led light on the head of the screwdriver makes seeing the job much easier.

If you do even a few DIY projects, this is it.