Residential Services

Upgrading a lock and switching out old hardware.

Have you just purchased a new home? Congratulations! Owning a new home is quite exciting. There is something you should consider: rekey your locks as soon as possible. The previous owners were more than likely wonderful people… the concern? Did they return all the keys ever made for the home? Had some gone missing? To be safe, let us rekey your home so there
is no fear of any existing keys able to be used to get into your new home.

Are you getting ready to sell? We can help by rekeying your existing locks or installing high quality locks to improve the resale value and safety of your home.

Rekeying a series of locks on a master key system for a local business

Do your locks work properly? Are there locks that are sticky, or just not working right”? We can take a look and get them operating smoothly and easily. If a lock is not functioning properly it could fail at any time. It can be a sad and embarrassing time if you find yourself stuck inside a room because a lock failed and you are needing to get out of the room. That is not the best time to call. Yes, we have had to make this type of lockout call.

Does your home have different keys for different locks? This can happen over time or due to an add on to a building. If the locks are on the same keyway, we can easily make it so there is only 1 key needed for all the locks. A quick way to tell is seeing if the different keys fit into the locks – they do not need to turn, just simply fit in the key hole.

This door and frame have seen a few better days

Are you worried about the quality of the locks on your doors? We can look at the locks and see what level of protection they provide, as well as doing a security review and walkthrough with you to address other things
that might make a big difference in the securing of your home. Something as simple as adjusting motion light sensor range can make a difference, and is quite easy to fix without costing anything.

Not much can be done for repair at this point