One of the tools we review

This section is geared for the curious, with a bit more than the standard pages. some of the things you will find here are a bit different.

Tool reviews: we review a few different tools we use from time to time (and it gives us excuses to get more tools to play with)

Product reviews: we discuss some of the products we carry, so you can get a better idea of hardware options.

review of one of the locks we carry

We never know what tools we may need

What’s in the bag? We are often ask about some of the things we carry, and we discuss them here.

Tips and tricks: for the DIY crowd. If you are thinking of doing things yourself – great! we will be discussing a few tips and tricks on how to make things go smoother during the installation. If you get confused when trying to instal or upgrade, give us a call we will be happy to help you get the project back on track.

How a lock works
: This is one of the most common ask questions, so we show how they work.

Lock knowledge: all sorts of bit of information about doors,
locks, and what the little things that make them work are.

How to pick a lock: Just as it says