Commercial Services

Do you have missing keys for your office?

Do you want to find a better solution for management of access for your company?

From master key systems to Electronic access systems: we can help.

Would you like to limit access to different areas to different employees for different times at different times? Not a problem. Do you want to be able to have a record of what time people accessed the building? Even controlling machinery and clocking in and out with one card. There are many possibilities for access control. Contact us today for more information.

Card or keypad with key override, and lots of extra features.









There are many new electronic access solutions that can fit your needs.

We can review your current access control system and do a walk through with you to point out places that might need to be upgraded to provide more secure solutions to keeping your company assets protected.

Sometimes doing simple repairs to existing systems can save your company hundreds of dollars and improve security without needing to order new systems.

Grade 1 lever, providing good security with heavy use, and a pleasing finish.


Is it time to upgrade your current hardware?
Remodeling your office and want to find visually pleasing locks that will provide good solid security? We offer locks that do both.




A worn out door caused damage to this lock. For some reason it was not operating as smoothly anymore

Some of the common problems we have found in the field include:

  • Door closers not operating properly
  • door locks not securing
  • panic hardware or push bars not latching properly
  • Intercom systems inaudible
  • gate locks damaged
  • strike plates out of alignment
  • door latch guards missing
  • Hardware that has been abused over the years and should be replaced (such as the image above)
  • door lever sagging
  • residential hardware on commercial doors

From single lock upgrades to complete remodeling, we can get you going.

A local business decided it was time to improve the look and quality of their locks.

A door that was vandalized and needed replacing.